Sun Salutation – What is Surya Namaskar?

Last Updated On November 01, 2021

Sun Salutation, also referred to as Salute to the Sun, is a yoga workout practice that consists of a flow sequence of twelve beautifully linked asanas. The asana sequence was first documented as yoga in the early twentieth century. However, comparable exercises were used in India before that, for example, among wrestlers.

What is Sun Salutation?

Sun salutation, also interpreted as a method of worship for the Sun God, and practicing it as a yoga practice can have many unique physical and mental benefits. Sun salutation is also known as the "Surya Namaskar." Sun salutation is a perfect series of activities that include physical and breathing activity by both seat and romance. The oxygen taken inside the body by pranayama or breathing exercise improves the function of the respiratory system and blood circulation system. The work of refining the blood is done through this. Tissues get oxygenated blood in the manacles and make a good existence. Also, by practicing seat habits, energy is produced by burning fat parts deposited in the body by systematically burning energy. Unnecessary fat deposits in body tissue are controlled on the top. Sun worship is often done for the sun in the morning, but it is not wrong to do it even in the evening. In these 12 simple steps that can be done very easily, those steps should be done correctly, breathing out and retention.

What is Sun Salutation

12 Steps of Sun Salutation

1. Pranamasana-(Prayer pose) breathing

2. Hand Uttanasana-(Raised arms pose) breathing out

3. Hand and foot-(Standing forward bend) breathing out

4. Horse movement-(Equestrian pose) breathing

5. Penalty-(Stick pose) breathing

6. Ashtanga Worship-(Salute with eight parts or points) Breathing out

7. Bhujangasana-(Cobra pose) breathing

8. Adhomukkha Swanasana-(Downward facing dog pose) breathing out

9. Horse movement-(Equestrian pose) breathing

10. Hand and foot-(Standing forward bend) breathing out

11. Hand Uttanasana-(Raised arms pose) breathing out

12. Pranamasana-(Prayer pose) breathing

This can lead to successful results by improving 12 rounds, 21, etc., and with training. Doing 20 minutes a day is enough. Applying sun worship exercise that does not cause side effects will cure many major diseases.

steps of sun salutation

Benefits of sun salutation.

  •  Improves the body's immunity.
  •  Controls unwanted body weight fat.
  •  Gives glowing skin.
  •  Strengthens joints and muscles.
  •  Improves the function of the digestive system.
  •  Controls blood sugar
  •  Systematizes the menstrual cycle.
  •  Improves blood circulation.
  •  Stress and anxiety are temporary.
  •  Improves mental health
  •  Acid bat (stomach burning) cures the disease.
  •  Improves memory power.
  •  Feeds the appetite.
  •  Cures swelling, cough, cough, hemp.
  •  Gives you a good sleep.

Yoga is the best way to cope with the changes in the current world physically mentally spiritually wellness.