How Yoga helps to Improve Academic Performance in Students

Last Updated On October 31, 2021

Do you ever heard about Yoga in children's schools. Children lying on the floor in silence, their eyes closed, listening to music in the background, blinds down. These are students who participate in the yoga sessions offered during the school day. As a result of teachers and psychologists confirming the numerous benefits yoga provides for children, this has now become a common sight in many schools. A few minutes of yoga a day, for example, can help children feel relaxed and calm during times of exhaustion or commotion. And also yoga reduced stress and increased concentration, improves memory, focus and academic performance in children, while also making them aware of their own emotions.

benefits of yoga on academic performance

Reduced stress and increased concentration

Many professors argue that the brain is "critical" in stress regulation. Several studies have found that meditation causes functional and structural changes in the areas of the brain that are affected by stress.

Practicing this technique could help minimize the effects that stress causes on the nervous system and, consequently, on our cognitive and emotional capacity. 

Experts recommend that children begin yoga after the age of three, and that it be taught in the form of a game. Although these techniques have been used in many schools in many countries such as the United States and France for decades, their introduction into Catalan schools is a relatively new phenomenon.

benefits of yoga on academic performance

Improves memory, focus and academic performance

Students are expected to take several entrance exams and perform well in order to secure a seat at the Institute of their choice. Students' inability to concentrate and memorize is one of the most common issues they face when studying for exams. It is due to a variety of factors, including a lack of sleep, decreased energy, and general exhaustion. However, there are techniques for keeping your mind relaxed and focused. Yoga will not only keep you calm, but it will also improve your memory and concentration, as well as help students perform well in their exams.

benefits of yoga on academic performance

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Yoga teaches students how to recognize and manage their emotions.

Children's use of relaxation and breathing techniques at school also helps with social interactions within the classroom by reducing student stress and improving relationships between them.

Yoga teaches students how to recognize and manage their emotions.

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