Can yoga help to reduce mental stress?

Last Updated On July 07, 2021

Yes. Let us understand what stress is. It is a perception of an event which you are unable to handle. For instance you loose a job you have no alternative you get stressed. You are I'll and you have no understanding of problem and you get stressed. Most of the time we get stressed of a situation of which we imagine a cosequence in our brain. That is worry of future, worry of unknown

Without stress you will be a couch patato. It is because of stress that you work earn money and maintain your family. The problem is not the stress. The problem is ability to handle stress. If you can handle it is eustress if not then distress.

Yoga will enhance your ability to handle stress thus most of your stress will become eustress. It will make you to live in present moment.

The practice of yoga is very vast and definitely, when one attempts to learn yoga in-depth he will be able to understand that yoga can do wonders.

The yoga is clearly enumerated in Patanjali Ashtanga yoga as how a person can lead a fuller life and be stress-free.

The first step is Yama which guides us to follow some moral rules like the practice of nonviolence, speaking truth, Non-stealing, Celibacy, and Nonhoarding of wealth.

The second limb is about self-improvement which enables you to develop self-esteem and be fearless in pursuit of achieving your goals. It says to follow cleanliness, staying content, self-study, put effort without expecting results, and trust in the lord.

Asana is a third limb that makes your body strong, flexible, and healthy. When the body is healthy the mind develops to be optimistic towards the surrounding. The asana also cures many diseases which could be a big obstacle in ones progress.

Pranayama helps you to control your breath and when we practice this regularly it is believed that we shall be able to control our senses and mind.

Pratyahara is about the withdrawal of senses and dhyana is about cultivating intense concentration and the final stage is samadhi. The man who is capable of following all these aspects of yoga can achieve anything he desires.

Yoga works on all the route causes which affect a person mentally. When you practice Yama and niyama you learn how to deal well with the external world that there will be no chance that you are mentally stressed.

The asana and pranayama keeps your body and mind healthy by purifying and keeping you strong to face any challenging situation.

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