What is Aerial Yoga

Last Updated On October 31, 2021

Yoga has been increasingly popular in recent years among all countries. Now Yoga comes in with various variations and various modifications. Aerial Yoga (Anti-Gravity Yoga) is modified Yoga, which shares many similarities with traditional Yoga.

The weight of your body will be supported by a hammock while participating in Aerial Yoga. That means you'll be floating in the air! It is an excellent choice for both beginning and advanced yoga practitioners.

What is Aerial Yoga

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Improve Flexibility

Aerial Yoga will undoubtedly assist you in safely stretching your muscles and tendons. You have more space to move when you are swing in the air. That means you'll be able to do more Yoga poses you couldn't do on the floor, improving your flexibility. 

Stress Reduction

Aerial Yoga will help to relax your mind. It allows you to meditate and focus on positive thoughts and reduce your stress. While hanging upside down, you can think about a lot of positive things. Aside from stress relief, the benefits of being inverted include increased balance, more energy, and improved focus. When you are inverted, blood flows to your brain, providing it with the oxygen required for proper brain function. 

Lose your Weight

Aerial Yoga provides more than simply relaxation and calm. It also burns your fats because of the balance required to maintain control in the silks. If you try aerial Yoga for few months, you can reduce your weight. 

Not Painful

Unlike other exercises and yoga poses, Aerial Yoga does not pressure the shoulders, head, or spine. Aerial Yoga can be scary at first, but you will notice the exciting and satisfying consequences after learning the technique.

Better for Backpain

If you suffer back pain, aerial Yoga is better for you because it doesn't put any tension on the spine. You'll be able to get a full-body workout while remaining comfortable. 

Benefits of areial yoga

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Is it safe?

Aerial Yoga is a potentially dangerous activity that involves acrobatics at different heights. Overuse injuries to the shoulders and back, torn muscles, bruising, fabric burns, and dizziness/nausea are the most prevalent injuries. But if you try aerial Yoga at a considerable height, it would not affect you so much. 

If you have heart illness, excessively high or low blood pressure, glaucoma, or severe arthritis, to name a few conditions, you should avoid aerial Yoga. Another thing is that if you may not feel comfortable hanging upside down, it is better to prevent aerial Yoga.

aerial yoga beginners

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Aerial Yoga Poses

  • Inverted Star Pose
  • Aerial Star Pose
  • Aerial Stag Pose
  • Inverted Bow Pose
  • Superman Pose
  • Inverted Pigeon Pose
  • Anti-Gravity Warrior Pose

If you know the correct techniques, aerial Yoga is a perfect way to improve your yoga skills. It will bring you to another level of freedom.

Beginner Guide for Aerial Yoga 

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