10 Yoga Poses for Diabetes

Last Updated On October 31, 2021

Diabetes is a long-lasting health condition that occurs when your blood glucose, also called blood sugar, is too high. In today even small children have diabetes. However, diabetes can be controlled to such an extent that you may not need medication, but it cannot be cured. If you can do some exercise such as walking, cycling, dancing or yoga you can avoid diabetes.

If you have diabetes it doesn’t matter. Many doctors recommend yoga for diabetes management because certain poses may help lower blood pressure and blood sugar levels while also boosting circulation. Regular exercise may also lower your risk of developing other diabetic complications, such as heart disease. These are 10 yoga poses that help you to avoid diabetes or for diabetic management.

Bow pose | Dhanurasana

This pose will up your chest and stimulate your abdominal organs and this will help you to lower your blood sugar levels.

How to do

  • Lie down on your stomach.
  • Allow your arms to hang down beside your body, palms facing up.
  • Bring your hands to the outside of your ankles and bend your knees.
  • Raise your chin, chest, and knees.
  • Take a deep breath and look forward.
  • Hold the position for up to 30 seconds.
  • Release the position as you exhale.
  • Make a pillow for your forehead by stacking one hand on top of the other.
  • To relax your lower back, gently shake your hips from side to side.
  • This stance can be repeated one or two times.

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Child Pose | Balasana

This pose relaxes you and reduces stress and it will help you to increase the production of insulin-producing beta cells.

How to do

  • Make sure your knees are at least hip-width apart while kneeling.
  • Bring your buttocks to your heels by leaning back.
  • For further support, lay a pillow between your thighs and calves.
  • Lean forward and place your brow on the floor.
  • Allow your arms to rest alongside your body, palms facing up, or extend them in front of you.
  • Hold this position for up to 5 minutes.
  • Lift yourself up into a seated position to release.

child pose how to do

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Corpse Pose | Shavasana

This pose helps you to relax your body and to reduce your blood pressure.

How to do

  • Spread your feet out a little wider than your hips and lie flat on your back.
  • With your hands facing up, place your arms beside your torso.
  • Make sure your torso is in a straight line. Your body should be in the shape of a Y.
  • Allow your entire body to sink into the ground. Relax your entire body and let go of whatever tension you may be harboring.
  • Hold this position for 10–20 minutes.

yoga for diabetes

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Supine Spinal Twist | Supta Matsyendrasana

This pose also helps stimulate the abdominal organs, which may help lower blood sugar levels.

How to do

  • Bring your knees against your chest while lying flat on your back.
  • Extend your arms out to the sides, palms facing down.
  • Bring your knees to the left side of your body.
  • Keep your knees together and your hips at hip level.
  • Apply slight pressure to your knees with your left hand if desired.
  • You can look in whatever direction you like.
  • Hold this position for at least 30 seconds.
  • Rep the process on the other side.

Supine Spinal Twist , Supta Matsyendrasana

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Upward Facing Dog Pose | Urdhva Mukha Shvanasana

If you are wished to do this, you need a lot of muscular strength. But this pose helps you to lower your blood pressure, improve your boost circulation, and helps to reduce weight.

How to do

  • Lie down on your stomach with your legs stretched out in front of you.
  • Make a flat surface with your palms on the floor. The forearms should be parallel to the ground.
  • Straighten your arms and elevate your body and legs by pressing into your hands.
  • Raise your feet to the tops of your toes.
  • As you activate your leg, arm, and abdominal muscles, keep your elbows slightly bent.
  • Maintain your buttocks and shoulder blades' stiffness.
  • Maintain a straight line of sight.
  • Relax your throat and neck muscles.
  • Hold this position for up to 30 seconds.

Upward Facing Dog Pose

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Fishes Pose | Matsyendrasana

This pose also stimulates the abdominal organs, which may help lower blood sugar.

How to do

  • Scoot your right foot to the outside of your left hip while in a cross-legged position.
  • Cross your left leg across your right leg, allowing your left foot to rest on the outside of your right thigh.
  • Lengthen your spine by rooting into your sit bones.
  • Twist to the left with your entire body.
  • Bring your left hand behind you to the floor.
  • Bring your right upper arm to your left thigh outside. You have the option of resting your hand on your thigh or lifting your forearm straight into the air.
  • Concentrate on stretching and rising with each inhalation.
  • With each breath, twist a little more to the right.
  • Shift your sight to one of your shoulders.
  • Hold this stance for up to 1 minute before switching sides.

Fishes Pose how to do

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Seated forward bend

This pose helps you to lower your blood pressure and promoting weight loss.

How to do

  • Sit on the edge of a folded blanket with your legs stretched out long.
  • For further support, place a prop under your knees.
  • Assume you're pressing the soles of your feet against a wall, bringing your toes back toward your shins.
  • Rooting into your sit bones, lengthening your spine, and opening your heart center are all good things to do.
  • As you lean forward, hinge at your hips.
  • Walk your hands down to your feet, pausing after you've reached a comfortable position. The torso should be folded into the legs.
  • Your chin should be tucked into your chest.
  • Hold the posture for up to three minutes.

Seated forward bend

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Plow pose | Halasana

This pose helps you to stimulate the thyroid gland, increase circulation, and reduce stress.

How to do

  • Bring your feet to the floor above your head from the shoulder stand.
  • Use a pillow or a block for support if your feet don't reach the floor.
  • For further support, place your hands on your lower back.
  • For 1 to 5 minutes, stay in the stance.
  • Roll your spine back down to your mat and elevate your legs to a 90-degree angle to release.
  • Return your legs to your mat by lowering them.

Plow pose, Halasana

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Legs Up the Wall Pose | Viparita Karani

This pose helps lower stress levels, which may in turn help lower blood pressure and blood sugar levels.

How to do

  • To sit on, fold a blanket or towel.
  • Place your right side against a wall and sit.
  • As you proceed to rest flat on your back, swing your legs up against the wall. Make a 90-degree angle with your body against the wall.
  • Maintain as near to the wall as possible when sitting.
  • Neck, chin, and throat should all be relaxed.
  • With your palms facing up, stretch your arms out to the side.
  • Hold this position for 5 to 15 minutes.
  • Slowly slide your legs down to the side to release.

legs up the wall pose , Viparita Karani

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Reclining Bound Angle Pose | Baddha Konasana

This pose helps to calm your nervous system while reducing your stress levels, which may help lower blood pressure and blood sugar levels.

How to do

  • Bring the soles of your feet together while seated. Out to the sides, your knees should be.
  • For further support, lay a bolster beneath your knees.
  • Lean back until your back is completely flat on the floor.
  • Relax the muscles in your hips.
  • With your palms facing up, place your hands alongside your torso.
  • You can also gently deepen the stretch in your legs and hips by pressing down on your thighs.
  • Hold this position for up to ten minutes.
  • Lift your hands and press your knees together to release. Slowly rise to your full height.

Reclining Bound Angle Pose how to do

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